Todd, I own #1601 Wharncliffe blade/micarta sides. The fit and function and the design are flawless.
Great walk and talk. Zero blade play and folds up dead center.
This is the best made knife I own. T.A. Davison knives rock!

Leo - Fargo, ND

Tradition may say that when someone gives you a pocketknife you have to give in return a coin or penny as to not break the friendship. 
When a craftsman such as Todd Davison shares one of his pieces with you that is a whole other thing.
In this age of instant gratification, fleeting attention and disposable goods to see this level of commitment to craft and excellence is truly wonderful.
I am delighted with the swayback Todd made.  It is everything I envisioned it to be and so much more.  I carry it with great pride.

#1599 Frank / Los Angeles  

Great video here from Jeff Bailey

Click here to see Jeff's Youtube Channel 

Hi Todd, Hope all is well, 

This is Charlie from Dublin, Ireland here. I have spoken with you before
and I have bought beautiful knife from Frank, which I have just received today. 

I am really liking your style and quality, which makes it a real piece of
art and I am really delighted to have one! :) 

Thanks so much for such great job. 

I am wood carver and now also inspired about knives and have made one
myself recently using my hands, and it took me 2 weeks after 3 mistakes
made, but completed at the end :) and working well. 

I will keep an eye on your work. 

Thanks a lot,  Charlie #1380

662 739 7440

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