Hello, my name is Todd Davison, I'm a full time knife maker from Kosciusko, Mississippi. I started making fix blade knives in 1981, made all kinds of knives from bowie knives to miniature knives. In 2005 I started making custom slip joint pocket knives.

I've been spending time with the Grandkids and getting some fishing days in when I can. Other than that, it's work, work, work making knives. I've really have enjoyed making the slip joint knives once I had them figured out. They were just not an easy knife to figure out. There are just so many problems you can run into making one. Sometimes it felt like a curse trying to learn how to make one without a problem. My Mother use to say stop fooling with knives and go get a job. But I think she's pretty proud of what I can do now.

Shop Photos

Here are few photos of my shop. It's a small shop, but works very nice for making knives. I've been able to collect some good equipment along the way. I'll get some better photos sometime. You can see the variable speed grinder, I've only had that a few years. All grinds in the past have been done at full blast - about 3500 rpm. I picked up a couple small mills, one I use on the nail nicks and the other to mill relieve the liners. I do not have a CNC and probably never will.

All my grinds are hollow ground  done freehand on a 14'' wheel. I do not use any jigs or armrest to do the grinds. The way I make them is called stock removal. And I do all my own heat treating. The bolsters are all soldered on, they are not integral. (milled out of solid stock) I do not use any screws, washers or bushings in my knives. They are pinned together by hand. The only knives I make now are slip joint pocket knives, I do not make lock backs or flippers. Each and every knife is done from scratch, all are one of a kind, no patterns are used. All file work on the knives is done by hand. They are made by me alone, I have no help in the shop. 

I get few requests to teach guys how to make knives, I just don't have the time. I can show you how I grind the steel, but when I hand it to someone and say here you do it. They look at me and say "I can't". They need a jig or something to be able to do it. So if you want to learn, go practice, practice, practice and you will know how to do it. This doesn't mean that I haven't helped any makers. I've helped a lot of guys on the phone and having them to my shop. And, I've gotten help sometimes when needed. But most of it was self taught.

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