Welcome to T.A. DAVISON Custom Knives

Hello,  - My name is Todd Davison

I'm a full time knife maker, I live in  Kosciusko Mississippi.
Making handmade knives for over 30 years.

Sold my first knife in 1981, a few years before this 
I had seen an old man down in Mississippi named Grady Carpenter,
with some knives. I ask him where he got them, and he said that he had made them.
Well I never heard of such thing ? 
I just could not believe some one could make their own knives ?
So off I went to make my own knives.
Teaching my self along the way through the school of hard knocks.
I slowly learned to make a knife. Each one a little better than the last.
Now all of these at this time were fix blade knives, and they were all user knives.
Not really much of a collectors knife than ?
But I kept making them, and making them, and making them, and making them, and making them. Each one a little better.

Get the picture ?

And now here we are 2017, Making custom slip joint folder knives.
Handmade pocket knives one of a kind.
I've made over a 1,500 custom slip joint folder knives now,
and still making them.

So why do I make knives ? I have to, It's an obsession.

The designs I use are from old traditional type slip joint knife patterns.
I do a lot single blade and some double blade folders.
All folder knives are made one of a kind.

I do not use any patterns to make the knife.
Each and everyone is made from scratch.
To remake a knife I just look at a photo and make it.

I only use the best material for the scales on the knives.
Most of the exotic woods I use are stabilized.
The Stag, Mammoth Ivory, Elephant Ivory, Horn,and  Bone  I use is the best.

Right now the only steels I'm using  is - cpm 154.
I put a hand rub satin finish on most of the blades.

I have for years ( my knives have been professionally tested )
  I harden them to a  RC.  60 - 61
And I do cryogenic quench on all my blades now.

The knives are all made by me only, by hand.
Collectors lable me as a stock removal knife maker.
I do all my grinds free hand, no jigs or arm rest.
And most all the blades I make are hollow ground.
I use the basic machines - grinder, drill press, band saw, sanders, and a buffer.
And I have a small mill that I use to mill the liners
and to do the nail nicks thats all I use it for.
( I do not have a CNC mill, an probably never will. )


All my knives have my name stamped on them.
Each custom handmade pocket knife,
has a serial number stamped inside of the liner.

Price for one of my folder knives starts at $600.00
- Shipped - in a protective case.
And the price goes up from there.

How long will I be taking orders?  Right now I can't say? I may stop at any time?

Knives will also be made and listed for sale as I do the custom orders. 
Please send me an Email if you would like to get on my notification list?

I will send you an Email when I do list one for sale.

There are some knives I have made that I will not make any more of that type, kind. There are some material that I will not use. Please check with me for details.


I put a hand finish on most of my knives now.
The bolsters & liners are stainless steel.
The liners are milled for clearance, so that the blade doesn't scratch.
The bolsters are soldered on to the liners. - They are not intergral (milled)


At this time I'm not doing a lot of file work.
( inside the spring is filed on all the folders)

I have custom file worked a few guns also, sorry I do not do the guns any more.




How do you get a hold of me ?
Most of my business now is done through Emails.
You can call me, and some folks do,
or you can write a letter.
My - Email address is -


Please send an email
for my phone number or mailing address.

Payment for the knife ? I except Personal Checks,
United States Postal Money Orders and Pay Pal.
PayPal is preferred.

Sorry I do NOT take trades for knives.

All the knives are Insured when shipped,

I do ship over seas, the cost is $50.00 extra.

I have shipped knives to Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Thailand,
Germany, Canada,
the UK and Hong Kong China.
And from coast to coast here in the USA.


I only use the United States Postal Service for shipping - NO exceptions.
Knives shipped out of the U.S. I charge $50.00 extra for shipping.

NOTE: Do to tracking problems out side the USA.
I no longer can guarantee delivery of knives out side USA.
So if you order a knife out side USA.
You will take full responsibility for it when shipped.

A big THANKS to all who have my knives,. I do appreciate your business very much. And I hope you enjoy the knives for a long, long time.

Thanks for taking a look at my web site,
check back often for the latest up dates, and the newest knives.

Have a great day!


Todd Davison
custom knife maker